The General Administration of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi called on the owners of the Ramadan tents to adhere to the requirements of public safety and fire prevention in order to preserve the lives of those who walk in tents and enjoy safe breakfast times.

Brigadier General Mohammed Mayouf Al Ketbi, Director General of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, confirmed the preparations for the holy month of Ramadan, stressing the necessity of providing the necessary protection requirements in the tents that provide breakfast services or frequented by visitors to Suhour,

He stressed the importance of applying the Emirates Code for fire protection when setting up the tents, making sure that all the necessary technical requirements are provided for the safety of the fire tents, providing sufficient fire extinguishers and using the technicians accredited in the electrical wiring. He pointed out that the tents will be monitored through direct inspection To ensure that they meet the specifications.

He appealed to the owners of the tents Ramadan, the need to sensitize its passengers and employees, and guide them to act optimally when any emergency, pointing out that the tent will be violating non-compliance with the requirements of public safety in accordance with the Civil Defense Regulations.

Colonel Mohammed Salem Haboush, Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Safety, said that printed regulations and instructions were prepared to clarify the technical specifications and instructions for those wishing to set up Ramadan tents.

The General Administration of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi has set procedures and technical specifications for individuals, companies and institutions that wish to set up the Ramadan tents, the most important of which are sufficient capacity to meet the occupants safety conditions, prevent storage inside the tents or use ovens, heaters and cooking stoves, Outside the tent connected to a channel not less than 1.5 meters long, and the need to place lighting lamps at least 50 cm from the tent cloth.

The Civil Defense has also called for the inclusion of electrical wiring inside pipes to protect it, with an automatic electric circuit breaker. Interior decoration and decorative fabrics should be treated with flame retardant materials, fire resistance, sufficient fire extinguishers and more than one outlet for fire. Any obstacles and written in Arabic and English / Director /.

And urged the owners of the tents on the need for early review of the Department of Civil Protection and Safety to take the necessary approvals and ensure that the safety and prevention requirements are met before the beginning of the holy month in sufficient time.

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