In the wake of the historic Panmunjom Declaration and the adoption of the 6.12 Joint Communiqué, the Bangladesh organizations supported the appeals sent to the peace-loving people of Latin America and the Carribean region by the Central Committee for the Unification of Korea.

The Bangladesh-Korean Friendship and Solidarity Committee, the Bangladesh Juche Idea Research Institute, the Bangladesh Despotic Line Political Research Institute, and the Bangladesh Journalist Juche Ideological Research Institute said in a joint statement issued on April 26,

We sincerely condemn the unlawful acts of sanctions that hinder the development and prosperity of the Korean people.

The atmosphere toward peace in the Korean Peninsula should be led to a permanent peace regime and practical measures should be taken for it.

We are convinced that North Korea and South Korea of ​​Korea will defeat the interference of foreign powers and establish unification of the country under the banner of national independence, peace and prosperity.

We send full support and solidarity to the struggle of the Korean Workers Party and the Korean people for the peace and unification of the Korean peninsula.

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