On the occasion of the solar eclipse, lectures were held in Romania, México, Venezuela, Tanzania, Angola, Nigeria and Guinea, and discussions were held in Ethiopia from April 3 to 13.

The events included political and social figures and crowds of the country, including the Romanian Socialist Party, the Romania Friendship Association, the México Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong Il Study Committee, the Venezuelan Miranda State Judiciary Society, the Juche Idea Research Institute, and the Tanzania National Coordinating Committee .

The birthday of the Kim Il Sung delegation, the chairman of the Socialist Party of Romania, is the birthday of the Kim Il Sung delegation, which is the nation’s largest national holiday and the common holiday of mankind. The immortal achievements that he built in the Joseon Revolution and the World Socialist Movement, And will be kept in human mind forever.

México Kim Il Sung – Chairman of the Kim Jong Il Study Committee Ramon Jiménez Lopez praised the idea of ​​the great leader who led the immortal Juche idea of ​​eternal life to reveal the future of the era.

Venezuela Aurora Morales, chairman of the jurisdiction of the state of Miranda, said that President Kim Il Sung said that he is the one who receives the admiration of the people.

Juche Idea Research Institute Tanzania Deputy Chairman of the National Coordinating Committee of Tanzania Deputy Secretary General of Tanzania Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Friendship Association Chairman Maona Nigeria Senator Abu Dhraiadamu, Guinehagi Press General Manager Jabim Mahdi said that following the leadership of Kim Jong Eun, And emphasized that it would like to achieve greater achievement in the construction of the country.

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