Catherine Pugh, Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, suddenly resigned today. Last week, Pew’s home and office were searched by federal investigators, which was part of a survey of Pew’s financial transactions.

The 69-year-old Pew is a Democrat and has served as a state legislator. She today read a statement through a lawyer and apologized for hurting the image of Baltimore. The lawyer also read the official resignation letter from Pew.

Pew has said that he has rarely appeared in public since he was diagnosed with pneumonia on April 1. After her resignation took effect, Bernard Jack Young, president of the Baltimore City Council, acted as mayor.

The Baltimore Sun has launched a series of investigations into Pew’s financial transactions since mid-March, and the FBI and IRS staff searched the Pew House and Office on April 25.

According to the report, Pew sells its own children’s book, Healthy Holly, which receives at least $500,000 from the University of Maryland Medical System, and Pew is a board member of the University of Maryland’s medical system. .

At the press conference on March 28, Pew also defended the sale of books at first, saying it was “a regrettable mistake.” Two days later, she announced that she had been on leave for a period of time and said she was suffering from pneumonia.

The resignation of the mayor, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said on Twitter: “This is the right decision. It is clear that the mayor can no longer effectively lead. The federal and state government investigations must continue and will continue. Expose the truth.”

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